Packaging Guide

Some notes on how to package PyGObject

Source packages can be found at

Existing Packages:


python3 build
python3 test # if you want to run the test suite
python3 install --prefix="${PREFIX}" --root="${PKGDIR}"

Runtime dependencies:

  • glib

  • libgirepository (gobject-introspection)

  • libffi

  • Python 3

The overrides directory contains various files which includes various Python imports mentioning gtk, gdk etc. They are only used when the corresponding library is present, they are not direct dependencies.

Build dependencies:

  • The runtime dependencies

  • cairo (optional)

  • pycairo (optional)

  • pkg-config

  • setuptools (optional)

Test Suite dependencies:

  • The runtime dependencies

  • GTK 4 (optional)

  • pango (optional)

  • pycairo (optional)