Maintainer Guide

Making a Release

  1. Make sure has the right version number
  2. Update NEWS file (use make release-news target and then edit as you see fit)
  3. Run make distcheck, fix any issues and commit.
  4. Commit NEWS as "release 3.X.Y" and push
  5. Tag with: git tag -s 3.X.Y -m "release 3.X.Y"
  6. Push tag with: git push origin 3.X.Y
  7. Commit post-release version bump to
  8. Upload tarball: scp pygobject-3.X.Y.tar.gz
  9. Install tarball: ssh 'ftpadmin install pygobject-3.X.Y.tar.gz'

Based on


Each cycle after the feature freeze, we create a stable branch so development can continue in the master branch unaffected by the freezes.

  1. Create the branch locally with: git checkout -b pygobject-3-2
  2. Push new branch: git push origin pygobject-3-2
  3. In master, update to what will be the next version number (3.3.0)